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Our generation wants to be close to everything, feel a part of their communities, able to experience all the things suburbs can't offer us: diverse culture, arts and entertainment with close proximity to our jobs. All the while maintaining that feeling of white picket fences and close knit communities the city takes from us.  But how? Simple, a good sturdy foundation. Not in the conventional sense, a foundation of buildings that give us not just a roof over our heads but a community we can fall back on. And that's how Re-viv was born.

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Re-viv is a real estate investment and development firm that specializes in the revitalization of buildings. Our mission is to provide profitable investments for our stakeholders while working with community members to avoid stripping the community of its original form.


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More Compact Cities Help Combat Climate Change

Dense, compact cities are “the way forward in the development of man” and are critical in combating climate change and inequality, renowned architect Lord Richard Rogers told delegates at the recent ULI Europe conference in Paris. Read More >



How we live Now & How we will live Tomorrow

Previously, we discussed the motivation and drive behind Re-viv. If you’re interested please go take a look at our earlier post, Ms. Pam Project is what set the wheels in motion so to speak.Continuing on those core beliefs, we are embarked on our journey exploring the nature of community and space. Read More >

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Striking A Deal

At the risk of ranting, let’s discuss the issue of San Francisco housing regulation. I’ll try to remain short and concise on the matter. It is news to no one that San Francisco has major housing issues, the stem of this issue is caused by the clear-cut nature of supply and demand and their constant friction. The supply of housing simply is not meeting the demand. But this poses the question is that really all that is at play here.  Read More >